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DWI Stop Sign Running Crash Injures 3 Near Mount Airy, NC

Virginia DUI Accident Injury LawyerA crash between a car and a pickup truck in northwestern North Carolina sent two adults a 5-year-old child to the hospital with serious injuries. The wreck occurred outside of Mount Airy at the interchange between I-77 and NC 89/W. Pine Street at around 11 am.  According to police, the woman driving the car caused the collision by running a stop sign at the end of the interstate exit ramp. The at-fault driver also appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol and now faces charges for both ignoring the stop signal and for DWI. The injuries suffered by the people in the pickup were not considered life-threatening, but reports left it unclear whether they would be able to recover quickly or completely.

As dangerous as drunk and drugged driving are, failing to yield right of way and failing to obey red lights or stop signs cause even more wrecks, injuries and deaths. While the two negligent and reckless actions are often linked, distracted, impatient, lost, and elderly and experienced drivers are also as prone as intoxicated drivers to enter intersections, try to merge or attempt to turn when doing so is unsafe.

All drivers must watch for and obey stop signals at all times. When they do not, either because they are too impaired or too inattentive to do so, the safety and lives of everyone else on the road get put at risk. 


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