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Eastern Shore Ambulance Rollover Kills Patient, Injures Medics

A collision between an ambulance and a transit bus on Virginia's Eastern Shore left the patient in the back of the medical transport dead and the four medics aboard injured. The fatal wreck occurred just north of the town of Keller at the intersection of U.S. 13 and VA Route 180, which are known locally as Lankford Highway and Wachapreague Road.



According to state police, the Bloxom Volunteer Fire Department ambulance went through a red light on Lankford, struck the passenger van and rolled over several times before coming to rest on its roof. The patient who lost his life was being rushed to a hospital with a life-threatening condition. Even though the lights and siren on the ambulance were activated, the medical transport driver was charged with failing to obey a stop signal. Even emergency responders must yield right of way at intersections when proceeding will most likely create a crash.

The moving violation may eventually get dismissed based on a more thorough investigation. If law enforcement officials determine that the ambulance driver had good reasons to expect that the intersection would be clear or that other vehicle would move out of his way, then no statutory violation occurred. Liability for settling insurance claims from, and providing compensation to, the family of the patient who lost his life may remain, however. Commercial truck operators and emergency vehicle drivers and their employers can be found negligent or reckless in civil court proceedings when no criminal action occurs. One question that would arise in such a case is whether the accident led to a death that would not have occurred if the patient reached the hospital.

This ambulance crash on the Eastern Shore raise challenging legal and liability questions. When their emotions allow them to do so, the deceased man's family should reach out to an experienced Virginia truck accident and wrongful death attorney to request a free consultation.


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