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Eastern Shore Wrong-Way Driver Badly Injures 2 on Route 13

A wrong-way, speeding driver caused a fiery head-on collision on Virginia's Eastern Shore that left him dead and two people in the car he hit badly injured. The wreck occurred shortly before 5 am on August 18, 2015, along a stretch of Route 13 known locally as Lankford Road. The injured victims are residents of the town of Eastville, VA, in Northampton County.




The exact nature of the injuries sustained by the driver and passenger in the car struck by the at-fault driver were not reported, but news stories included descriptions like "life-threatening" and "fighting for their lives." Wrong-way drivers and head-on collisions often inflict traumatic brain injuries and other forms of head and brain trauma. The flames that erupted after the crash may also have left the survivors with potentially fatal burns.

It likewise remains unknown why the at-fault driver ended up on the wrong side of the highway. The area where the wreck happened divides northbound and southbound traffic by a wide grass median. The man must have crossed the median at some point or turned from one of the side roads into the lanes for oncoming vehicles. Explanations for either kind of negligent and reckless behavior can include becoming confused, being drunk or stoned, or falling asleep behind the wheel. None would count as excuses that absolve the man of liability for hurting other people.

Wrong-way driver take enormous tolls on highways and interstates. High speeds coupled with the unexpectedness of seeing a vehicle heading right toward you -- especially at night -- make avoiding a crash difficult for the individuals who wind up injured or killed. While my Virginia Beach-based personal injury law firm colleagues and I hope the people harmed on the Eastern Shore recover fully and quickly, we also urge everyone to exercise care and caution when getting onto a highway.


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