Eight Injured in Car Accident in Charlotte, North Carolina | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

At least eight people were sent to local Charlotte, North Carolina (NC) hospitals after a car accident in the early morning.

The car accident happened in the southwest region of Charlotte, North Carolina. Early this morning an SUV collided with another vehicle in the intersection of Billy Graham Parkway and South Tyron Street. The Charlotte Police Department had to send additional medical units to treat all of the persons injured in the car accident, eight people total were sent to local Charlotte, North Carolina hospitals.

Fortunately, all eight people injured in the accident are expected to survive. Road crews were forced to shut down both Billy Graham Parkway and South Tyron Street in the areas surrounding the accident, but the roadways were opened back up after a few hours.

There is no word yet from the Charlotte Police Department on what initially caused the car accident, but driving in the early morning darkness may have been a contributing factor. Driving at night can be a dangerous task, and early morning hours often come with light fog and lowered visibility.

According to the National Safety Council, death rates from traffic accidents are three times greater at night. While this is a staggering statistic, there are several things you can do to driver safer at night. Weather.com has comprised a list of the most beneficial things drivers can do at night. One of the most significant things a driver can do to protect themselves on dark roadways should be done before they ever head out on the road. Take precautions to make sure your headlights are properly aimed.

Headlights that are aimed to high or too low can severely limited your vision. You should be able to clearly see the roadway as well as other vehicles in front of you. If you think your vision is compromised by your headlight angle you can adjust them yourself or take the car to a local mechanic to have it done for you.