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Elderly Driver Hits Mother and Children in Virginia Beach

An 83-year-old Virginia Beach man was charged with reckless driving after he lost control of his 2006 Nissan and hit a woman on a bicycle that had an attached trailer carrying three children. According to police, the man was making a wide turn from Dillon Drive onto Doctor Drive but lost control when he overcorrected. Police believe the man was also speeding and that contributed to the crash.

All three children, between the ages of  5 and 10, and their mother was transported to the hospital. One of the children was reported to have life-threatening injuries. The mother and other two children had non-life-threatening injuries. No information has been released regarding any of the victims’ conditions.

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Elderly Drivers

According to national statistics, there are approximately 23 million drivers who are 70 years or older and that number is expected to surpass 50 million by the year 2030.

Studies have shown that for drivers 70 years of age, the rate of fatal crashes begins to rise, even though the number of miles they usually driver begins to decrease.

As people age, there can be a significant decrease in cognitive, as well as physical reactions. This can lead to confusion, as well as a delay in responding to the situation occurring around them for an elderly driver. What was once routine to a driver may suddenly seem foreign, such as stepping on the accelerator instead of the brake, or driving down a street in the wrong direction.

Medications that seniors are prescribed may also affect their ability to drive safely. Many of these medicines have side effects that can cause issues for anyone behind the wheel but may be particularly dangerous for the elderly.

It is for this reason that many states now require periodic driving license testing for senior citizen drivers. In Virginia, the normal license renewal rate is eight years, however, for drivers who are 80 or older, that renewal rate is five years. Senior drivers are not allowed to renew online but must renew in person. They also are required to provide proof of good vision at each renewal. If for some reason their license has been expired for a year, then they are required to pass a written driver’s knowledge exam, road skills test, and vision test.

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