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Norfolk, VA Personal Injury Attorney Reports: Elderly Drivers May Be at Risk for Increased Car Accidents and Injury

An aging population brings about  the need for new safety measures to protect not only elderly drivers, but all those on the road. In one effort, AAA is hosting expos throughout Virginia (VA) for elderly drivers and adult children to educate them on options.

Taking away the keys to the car from a parent can be an experience riddled with guilt. However, the alternative of allowing a parent who is no longer capable of driving safely on the road would be negligent and could possibly lead to serious injury.

As a Virginia car accident attorney, I know that one of the most common mistakes elderly drivers make is driving on the wong side of a road. In a recent Hickory, North Carolina (NC), accident an elderly couple crashed head-on into another driver while driving the wrong way down a highway. That North Carolina car wreck showed the damage that can occur when an elderly can no longer drive safely.

If you or someone you loved has been injured in a car accident I encourage you to read our free consumer guide Best Guide to Car Accident Injuries in Virginia.


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