What Happened:

An elderly gentleman was cutting the lawn in his front yard when he was slammed into by a car. The driver fled the scene. The crash happened near Verona in Augusta County, Virginia, off of Berry Far Road.

The injured man was flown to Virginia Medical Center for the treatment of unknown injuries. The driver in the case is still being sought, according to WHSV.

There appear to have been no witnesses to this crime. Anyone will any information about this hit and run incident should contact the Virginia State Police immediately.

The Virginia Injury Lawyer’s Perspective:

We hope that the unfortunate victim of this senseless crime did not suffer serious injuries. Both the elderly gentleman and his family should contact a Virginia personal injury lawyer immediately. Hit and run is a serious crime in Virginia, and if caught, the criminal will face at least a year in jail and a $1000 fine. He or she also could be named in a civil suit, which can be filed to seek financial restitution for the elderly man’s injuries and suffering.

Helpful Info:

Our firm has published this helpful guide on what your legal rights are if you were struck by a hit and run driver. Read it here.

Have Questions?

FAQs related to serious injuries in car accidents and hit and runs.

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