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Elderly NC Woman Crashes Into DMV Office, Causing Personal Injuries and Property Damage

In mid-November 2011, an elderly woman crashed her car into a Fayetteville, North Carolina (NC), DMV office shortly after completing her driving test. According to FOX 8, the 77-year-old drver accidentally stepped on the gas and smashed her 2008 Acura into the front of the building.

Four individuals needed hospital treatment for their injuries, and the DMV sustained about $50,000 in damages.

The age of the driver in this NC car wreck reminds us about the limits of the elderly. As individuals get older, many factors can diminish driving skills and prevent people from safely operating a car. Still, North Carolina lets drivers maintain their driving as long as they continue to drive safely, while also requiring anyone age 70 years or older to renew their license in person, pass a vision test and perhaps, take a written test. ffers these warnings signs for when it may be time for an elderly to limit or stop driving:
  • Dents and scrapes on the car, fences, garage doors, mailboxes, or curbs
  • Getting lost in familiar places
  • Trouble seeing or following road signs, traffic signals, or pavement markings
  • Responding too slow during unexpected events
  • Difficulty moving the foot from the gas to the brake pedal
  • Misjudging traffic gaps at intersections
  • Hard time concentrating while driving.

The NC car wreck discussed in the news article indicated the human and property damage that can happen when an elderly can no longer drive safely. To learn more about what to do when you or a loved one gets hurt in a car accident that results in death or serious injuries, check out our online library of articles devoted to the subject.


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