Elderly Woman Dies in Two-Car Wreck in Walkertown, North Carolina

What Happened: A 72 year-old woman died in a two-car crash when another car slammed into hers as she was making a left hand turn.

According to media reports, Geraldine Lawson, from Kernersville, North Carolina, was driving westbound on NC 158 and making a left turn onto Darrow Road, when her car was hit by another car that was traveling east on NC 158.

The other driver was a teenage boy from Belews Creek, North Carolina. He had two other teens with him in his vehicle, who had minor injuries. The two passengers with Lawson also had minor injuries.

Police do not think at this time that the teenage driver was at fault, but the investigation is continuing.

North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer Perspective:

It is not clear at this point who was at fault in this tragic, fatal accident, but the families would be well served to speak to a North Carolina personal injury lawyer. If the deceased driver was at fault, the injured passengers in both vehicles could be entitled to financial restitution for their injuries. If it turns out that the teen driver is at fault, there is the possibility of a wrongful death civil suit being filed. Our personal injury lawyers have extensive experience in sorting out complicated car accidents and can help the wronged party achieve a positive outcome.

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