Electric Shocks Responsible for Numerous Deaths and Injuries in Virginia (VA)

At some point in most of our lives we have probably all felt the tingle of an electrical shock, be it from static electricity on a carpet or getting out of a car. Although we can usually walk away, electricity can injure and even kill. Shocks and electrocution can also lead to lawsuits if a third party has been negligent.

 Check out these informational articles and videos on electric shock and electrocution injuries:

Electrical shock injuries can have many causes, ranging from faulty wiring, defective sockets, water penetration or badly maintained electrical equipment, and they can occur in everyday settings.

Situations in which people can suffer shocks or electrocutions include the following:

Although electrical shock and electrocution injuries are not as high profile as car wrecks or accidents in coal mines, the numbers of workers who suffer a shock are a cause for alarm. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, electrical injuries are responsible for an average of 320 deaths and 4,000 injuries a year in the United States.

Our experienced VA industrial accident injury attorneys note the potential for electrical shocks, fires and burns when construction, electrical work or renovation activities are taking place. Often these workplace accidents are caused by a third party's negligence, carelessness or violation of a regulation. While compensation laws prohibit lawsuits against one's own employer, a third party, is responsible for a negligent action, a defective product or some other violation of a regulation.

That's where our Virginia personal injury attorneys step in. We have the depth of knowledge to investigate and to bring such third-party claims on behalf of injured clients or family members who have been tragically killed in industrial settings.




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