Electrical Accident Disables Norfolk Light Rail Train

Norfolk light rail is quick and efficient but it has had its share of problems.  At first passengers were thought to be forced off the train in Norfolk Virginia (VA) when a power cable snapped causing the train to become inoperable.Later it was discovered that an engineer accidently backed off the rail and derailed.  No one was hurt during the electrical accident and the passengers were safely placed on a bus to reach their final destination.

As a Virginia (VA) personal injury attorney I know that electrical shock accidents can quickly become devastating. I hope that all the HRT workers who are on the scene and trying to get the train moving again stay safe. When construction, electrical work or repairs are ongoing, unfortunate accidents such as electrocution, electrical shock, electrical fires, explosions and burn injuries can occur.

It would be terrible for one of those hard working Virginians to become an accident statistic. Such as in one case our firm handled where a young man lost most of the use of his arm and his leg and was very fortunate to survive a 19,200-volt shock. He is being treated by every type of doctor you can imagine due to the disabling effects of an electric shock.


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