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Electrical Shock Accident in Kansas Seriously Injures 24-Year-Old

At 24-years-old you have your whole life ahead of you.  Most of us at that age were working towards some goal in life whether it was a career, an education or a family.  A young man in Kansas, Zachary Short, was helping to harvest a soybean field when his future and perhaps his life was changed forever.   He was vaulting over the hitch between the tractor and grain cart when he was electrocuted.  He was thrown backward by the electric shock and collapsed against the frame of the grain cart.  Police now report that after cutting a soybean field, an auger boom that would have transferred the soybeans into a truck came in contact with power lines.

As Virginia (VA) and North Carolina (NC) personal injury lawyers we have experience working with electric shock victims and know just how devastating these types of injuries can be.  When construction, electrical work or renovation activities are ongoing, unfortunate accidents such as electrocution, electrical shock, electrical fires, explosions and burn injuries can occur and many times these accidents are caused by a third party's negligence, carelessness or violation of a regulation.

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Workers compensation laws prohibit lawsuits against one's own employer, but if a third party that is not directly part of the project at hand is responsible for a defective product, a negligent action, or some other regulatory violation, our personal injury lawyers know how to investigate and bring such third-party claims on behalf of injured clients or family members killed in industrial and farm settings.


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