Electrical Shock Violation Possible Cause for Electrocution of Virginia Beach Man

Many Americans may dismiss the news that a man working on a power pole was electrocuted as tragic but a risk associated with the profession. As an experienced Virginia (VA) electrical shock injury attorney, however, I know that such fatal accidents only occur because a regulation for working around electricity was violated. OSHA has some very specific safety procedures to protect electrical workers from shock.

An electrical regulation violation may be what killed Brian Gillis of Virginia Beach, VA, on the job in Lothian, Maryland (MD). He worked for a Virginia-based electrical contracting company and was working on a line when the tragic accident occurred. 

Fire officials say despite receiving CPR, Gillis was pronounced dead at the scene. An investigation is ongoing, and I hope they can find proof if there are any violations so that his family can find recovery from his untimely death.

I am currently handling another electrical shock case involving a young man who lost most of the use of an arm and a leg. He was assisting a crane operator when the crane boom contacted with an overhead power line instantly carrying 18,000 volts straight down to our client who was steadying the crane cable. He was severely shocked and rendered unconscious.

His accident was investigated by the Virginia Occupational Safety and Health agency, which cited the company supplying the crane. The company did not dispute the charge and paid the citation, admitting to the electrical regulation violation in question. We retained a power and electrical expert as well as a crane operations expert to guide us on the pertinent facts and this case is currently in litigation at this time.

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