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North Carolina Car Accident Injury Attorneys: Wreck Calsl For Helicopter Evacuation

The best NC truck accident injury lawyersRecently a car accident in Pender County, NC had emergency workers scrambling. The accident shut down part of I-40 in North Carolina. The incident involved a car and a truck.  The impact was so great that the car ended up flipping upside down. Police had to cut the people out of the overturned car. The occupants of both vehicles sustained serious injuries, so serious that a helicopter was called to help transport the victims.

As North Carolina personal injury attorneys, we have represented many innocent victims who have been hit by distracted, drunk, impatient or inattentive truck drivers. Our NC personal injury attorneys know that victims of truck accidents are going to have questions, but may be hesitant to contact a lawyer at first. Our knowledgeable professionals provide answers to many common questions that people ask when they are injured in a truck wreck.

Our law firm, along with co-counsel, obtained a record-setting $60 million jury verdict (with post-trial interest included) for a client who suffered a brain injury in a terrible accident. We have also represented numerous clients who suffered catastrophic injuries or death in wrecks involving commercial trucks, big rigs, tractor trailers, commercial shuttles, and/or commercial vans. In many instances, when a smaller vehicle like a sedan, SUV, or pickup truck is hit by a much larger truck, 18-wheeler, or semi, the brunt of the damage is inflicted on the occupant(s) of the smaller vehicle. 


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