Virginia employers can now be penalized up to $250 a day if they do not provide mandatory workers’ compensation insurance, with totals of up to $50,000, plus collection costs. It is an increase from the previous penalty range of $500 – $5,000.

Worker’s compensation allows employees to receive the following:

  •        Two-third of pre-injury average weekly wage for the time an employee is out of work for their injury
  •        Medical treatment for the injury in the employee’s lifetime
  •        If the injury will never fully heal, an employee may be entitled to additional compensation, especially if the employee suffers dismemberment or amputation

 At our Virginia Beach workers compensation law firm, we see the new penalty system as a victory for workers, since it is more likely that an employee can receive these important benefits in their time of need. Our website outlines the compensation recovery process, and how we handle our worker’s compensation cases