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Entire Virginia Family Dies in Horrific Maryland Tractor Trailer Crash

There are some accidents that result in unspeakable pain and tragedy. The accident that recently occurred in Queenstown, Maryland certainly qualifies. A Virginia family tragically lost their lives in a violent tractor trailer crash that occurred in Queenstown involving a large commercial tractor-trailer.

The accident occurred around 1:15 a.m. on January 10, 2014. Crash scene investigators determined that the family’s car was going westbound on Route 50 and approached the intersection with Route 213 in Wye Mills. The tractor trailer was going southbound on Route 213 and Route 50.  The awful crash happened at the intersection as the truck impacted the car on the passenger side.

Three adults, two children, and an unborn child all lost their lives in the accident. Imagine, in the blink of an eye, an entire family was essentially wiped out. It is a horrific, gut-wrenching tragedy and my deepest sympathies go out the friends and family effected by this terrible event.

What exactly caused the accident remains unknown, but the intersection where the crash happened is controlled by a traffic signal, according to authorities.

Tractor-trailer accidents are approached differently from typical car crash cases in the law.

Legally, trucking companies face significant liability if their operators cause a serious injury or death. As such, investigators from the trucking company itself often conduct their own investigation to control the scene as quickly as possible. Trucking companies will always be working in their own interest, so victims of tractor-trailer crashes should seek legal guidance before a trucking company’s insurance adjuster tries to tip the scales in their favor.

We wish the family of those lost in the accident a semblance of peace in their time of grieving.

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