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Equipment Falling Off Truck Injures 2 in Following Car

Two people in a car following a heavy truck on I-40 just west of Asheville, North Carolina (NC), suffered injuries that required hospital treatment after a piece of equipment fell off the truck and smashed into their vehicle. The wreck occurred on the morning of April 12, 2016, and the victims were identified as a mother and one of her children.



Police could not immediately determine why the equipment came loose, nor did they indicate to reporters whether the truck driver or anyone involved in loading the rig would face charges. North Carolina and federal trucking laws require commercial drivers to ensure that everything they transport is secured, precisely so accidents like this one in Asheville do not occur.

As NC car accident lawyers, my colleagues and I know tht cords and straps can become frayed and fail. Latches and gates work open. Wind gusts pick up hand tools. Trailers that become unhitched, tools that fly out of truck beds, and cargo that breaks through doors or straps pose deadly risks to everyone on the road. Larger items become obstacles that approaching drivers may not be able to avoid, while smaller--often sharp--items act as projectiles capable of inflicting fatal blunt force injures and puncture wounds.

If investigators find that the equipment that hit and hurt the mother and child in Asheville was improperly secured, the victims may have strong grounds for working with a North Carolina personal injury lawyer to file insurance or civil court claims against the truck driver, the company that employed the trucker and the company that had responsibility for ensuring the load was safe.


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