A woman riding in a car was hit by another car at less than 25mph. The damage to the vehicle was moderate, but most people would assume a car accident  at less than 25mph couldn’t cause serious injury. Wrong.

After the accident, the woman began experiencing memory loss, attention and speech problems, and had difficulty processing information. It got to the point where she could no longer continue in her job as a policy advisor and was downgraded to a position with more routine tasks, according to Virginia Lawyers Weekly.

Given the symptoms, the woman suffered a traumatic brain injury  due to the car crash. And remember, the crash was less than 25mph.

What does this mean for you? Well, it provides proof that an accident, no matter how severe or at what speed, can lead to a serious, debilitating injury. The woman could struggle with this injury for years, maybe even her entire life. 

Fortunately, she hired an attorney and was able to secure a $1.25 million jury verdict in a Stafford County, Virginia (VA) Circuit Court. This compensation will help in terms of paying medical bills, making up for lost wages, and the loss in potential future income that she may have secured in her previous job.

This woman’s experience illustrates how important it is to seek the guidance of an attorney after suffering an injury from a car wreck. What if she didn’t seek representation? She may have gone through life struggling with this traumatic brain injury with little-to-no financial resources to seek medical help and provide a safety net for any additional struggles she may encounter stemming from this serious injury.