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Fabric Company Tries to Dodge $4 Million Judgement

It is a common refrain: A company that once used asbestos in its operations ends up giving its former employees deadly mesothelioma cancer, and then said company attempts to duck its financial responsibilities for the resulting injuries.

The recent case of Scapa Dryer Fabrics in Georgia is a good example of how many companies that used asbestos at one time will try to deny the rightful claims of asbestos cancer victims. That company was found responsible by a jury for exposing a former worker to asbestos, and being at least partially to blame for the worker’s horribly painful and deadly mesothelioma.

The former worker was employed as an independent contractor from 1967-73 at Scapa Dryer Fabrics, and he testified that he was exposed to asbestos in two places at the company. He further filed a mesothelioma lawsuit against two other companies. Both of them agreed to confidential settlements.

When the jury heard the case involving the dryer fabric company, they found the organization 40% responsible for the man’s cancer.They further decided to award him $4 million in damages for that 40% of blame that they assigned to Scapa Dryer Fabrics.

Scapa however appealed the verdict, and the appeals court upheld the original ruling. Now Scapa is appealing again to the State Supreme Court. The company argued that the scientific evidence presented by the plaintiff’s mesothelioma attorney was questionable. The state Supreme Court decision is due in spring 2016.

Our mesothelioma and asbestos cancer attorneys in Virginia and North Carolina know exactly what a horrible disease this form of cancer is. After handling many mesothelioma cases, we know that even infrequent exposure to asbestos over a few years can lead to deadly cancer.

The majority of our asbestos cancer case work in Virginia and North Carolina is in the railroad industry. Many railroads also like to deny responsibility for the asbestos exposure of their former workers who are now disabled or dead from mesothelioma. We do our very best to ensure that our clients get the aggressive, expert legal representation they deserve so they are properly compensated for their suffering.

We recommend that asbestos cancer victims and their families read our guide – Understanding Mesothelioma and the Devastating Impact of Asbestos on Railroad Workers. This extensive guide will explain to you your rights as an asbestos cancer victim. Our years of work on tough mesothelioma cases are what helped us to recently obtain this substantial confidential mesothelioma settlement.

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