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Failure to Yield, Aggression Blamed for Suffolk, VA Wreck

The man behind the wheel of a Corvette involved in a Suffolk, Virginia (VA), crash that sent two people to the hospital now faces multiple charges. The two-vehicle crash at the intersection of Glen Haven and Elwood roads occurred on the night of March 16, 2015. An investigation that lasted into the following Wednesday revealed that the sports car's driver failed to remain long enough at a stop sign on Glen Haven to avoid colliding with a pickup truck traveling along Elwood.



The full list of charges against the at-fault driver, as reported by WAVY-TV 10 includes "failing to yield at a stop sign, reckless aggressive driving, driving while revoked license related to DWI [driving while intoxicated], operating a motor vehicle without ignition interlock and driving a vehicle with inadequate tread depth on tires."

The injured passengers received treatment and returned home the same day, although one of the person's injuries initially appeared life-threatening. That small bit of good news remains tempered by the recognition that the person allegedly responsible for inflicting the wounds should never have been in a position to do so. Lacking a valid driver's license and in a vehicle not outfitted with a court-ordered safety device, the man operating the Corvette represented a presumed danger that, sadly, became manifest.

As a Virginia personal injury lawyer who has helped dozens of people injured by reckless and habitually drunk drivers, I strongly support legal measures that restrict the driving privileges of people convicted of DWI. Unfortunately, some people refuse to abide by court orders to not drive, use breath-activated engine ignition devices or even obey stop signs. We can only be glad such irresponsible action did not lead to deaths in Suffolk.


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