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Failure to Yield Creates Serious Injuries in Virginia Car Accident

Half a dozen firefighters and rescue personal worked for over an hour to pull the victim of a truck accident out of his smashed car. The accident happened on route 50 near Elk Lick Road in South Riding, Virginia (VA). A Ford F350 truck pickup pulling a tractor on a trailer failed to yield and pulled right into the path of a small sports car.

The video below shows the actual car surrounded by rescue workers. The victim was a 64-year-old Aldie, VA, man who suffered non-life-threatening injuries. As a Virginia (VA) personal injury attorney who has worked with hundreds of victims, I can tell you that even if his life was not directly threatened by the accident that his quality of life certainly is. The reason is that while broken limbs and vertebrae may not kill you, the scars will remain with you and may limit your mobility throughout your life.

Age is also a factor in a car accident injury like this. The hard truth is that the older you get, the slower you heal. If the victim had any preexisting conditions, he is also more susceptible to serious injury. In many of our car accident injury cases we have found that when a victim has preexisting medical conditions insurance adjusters try to use it against them.

The best course of action for a Virginia car accident victim is to read our free Best Guide to Car Accident Injuries in Virginia.

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