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Family of Tractor Trailer Crash Victims To Demand Tougher Truck Regulations

A terrible tractor trailer crash in Meriden CT last week left a woman without her partner and children. The big rig that slammed into her vehicle from the rear also had a long list of safety infractions, that the family believes should have kept the truck off the road.

The family still is devastated about the crash, which killed the surviving woman’s two children and her boyfriend on I-95 in Waterford, Connecticut.

They also are demanding that the state come up with tougher truck safety restrictions, as well as better communication so that this type of crash does not happen again.

The family also is angry that the driver of the tractor trailer had three citations on his record for failing to stop. He also had two speeding infractions, and several other traffic tickets.

Relatives say that they want to see federal laws changed so that a truck driver with several related traffic safety violations is no longer able to drive a tractor trailer.

We have worked as personal injury attorneys for truck accident victims for many years, having recently won a $2.4 million settlement for a tractor trailer accident victim.  We all too often see safety and traffic violations by truck drivers that lead to tragedy. We too would like to see tougher laws enacted so that dangerous truck drivers have difficulty staying on the road to earn a living. If you routinely get pulled over by police, you probably should not have a commercial trucking license.

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