A Chicago hospital has agreed to a $15 million settlement in a birth injury lawsuit filed against them by the family of a child who suffered severe brain damage during her birth. The family originally filed their malpractice suit against the hospital in 2013.

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According to detail in the lawsuit, in January 2011, the mother arrived at the hospital in labor with her daughter. The suit alleged that the hospital failed to act quickly when all signs indicated the baby was in distress and failed to perform a cesarean section in order to deliver the baby earlier. Not only did they fail to perform the C-section, they continued to administer Pitocin to the mother.

Pitocin is a labor-inducing drug which causes the uterus to contract. The contractions caused by the drug are extremely powerful ones and can cause stress to the baby. This stress can result in serious medical issues with the baby. It is another reason why it is critical that anyone who has been given Pitocin to induce labor is carefully monitored by medical staff.

Pitocin has also been classified as the “most commonly associated with preventable adverse events during childbirth” because of how dangerous it can be to both mother and baby.

According to the family’s attorney, the hospital overdosed the mother with the Pitocin. That overdose caused excessive contractions which stopped oxygen and blood flow from getting to the baby’s brain. In addition to severe brain damage, the little girl also has cerebral palsy that requires extensive medical care and therapy.

The hospital agreed to the $15 million settlement without admitting liability for the child’s injuries.

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