Mitchell White of Loris, South Carolina (SC) was driving along U.S. 17 between Sea Mountain Highway and SC-9 when a wrong-way driver  slammed into Mr. White’s car and then hit a third car, according to  Mr. White died as the scene. Two other people were injured due to the wreck.

Mr. White had his whole life ahead of him. He was only 28 years old. My condolences go out to his friends and family. Any loss of life from a car crash is terrible, but it’s especially difficult when an accident that was preventable takes someone from us far too soon.

The wrong-way driver  was charged with driving under the influence. If they are convicted of these charges, one would hope the sentencing will be harsh. Driving under the influence, whether it be from alcohol or drugs, is completely unacceptable. This driver may have been severely intoxicated to not realize they were driving the wrong direction on a major highway.

This isn’t the first time South Carolina has had to deal with a wrong-way driver taking a life in a car crash. Back in August, a woman who was driving under the influence of alcohol and killed someone in a wrong-way accident on Interstate 26 (I-26) .  

In 2008, there were 920 car wreck deaths and 50 percent were attributed to drinking and driving, according to  Nationwide, there were nearly 14,000 deaths associated with drunk driving in ’08.

It appears as though a good way to combat wrong-way driving accidents is to remain focused on reducing the number of drunk/intoxicated drivers on our roads and highways.