A fatal car accident claimed the life of a 14-year-old girl fromBlack Mountain, North Carolina (NC). A 39-year-old woman was driving at the intersection of Highway 25/70 andJupiter Roadwhen she was hit by a pickup truck on the passenger’s side where the victim was sitting. The teen girl died at the scene of the accident.

According to Citizen Times, a police investigation is still ongoing about accident. Though, this is not the first wreck to occur at this intersection. The owner of a gas station located on Jupiter Road stated that multiple crashes have occurred due to low visibility and high traffic. The store owner believes that there needs to be a traffic signal installed.

Regardless of the visibility and congestion, it is still the responsibility of all drivers to exercise caution and be vigilant while behind the wheel. This is especially true at intersections. When drivers get careless in these areas, there can be terrible consequences, as evident by this tragic accident.

Our firm has experience representing victims who were injured at intersections. For example, we represented a Navy man who was hit by a driver and suffered a serious injury. The at-fault driver did not have adequate insurance, but we were still able to secure a $175,000 settlement for our client.  

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