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Fatal Car Accidents Decline as Virginia (VA) Drivers Buckle Up in Record Numbers

As we grow older, we begin to realize the fragility of life and how precious good health is. So, as a Virginia (VA) car accident injury attorney, I'm glad to hear that more and more Virginia drivers are buckling up. So many in fact, 81.8 percent, that it's the second highest-ever seat belt use rate.

That's good news for  everyone. Of the 448 traffic fatalities in Virginia in 2011, as of September 8, 194 of the people killed were not wearing a seat belt. Still, the total death toll on Virginia roads means 448 families have lost loved ones, many to the negligent actions of other distracted or 
drunk car and truck drivers.  

According to the Virginia State Police,"M
otorists wearing a seat belt are 40 percent less likely to be fatally injured during a crash." However some people who were wearing a seat belt during the time of an accident are still injured. It's a scary world out there, and with more and more distracted drivers hitting the road everyday. I won't even pull out of my driveway without buckling up.

If you are unfortunate enough to be the victim of a car accident in Virginia, we have created a free consumer guide that can help you learn about your legal options:
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