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Fatal Crash Caused by 13-Year-Old Driver

A fatal North Carolina pickup truck crash has claimed the life of a 15-year-old boy. The wreck happened when the boy's friend, just 13 years old, got behind the wheel of a family member's vehicle and drove at 50 mph through the dead end of a residential cul-de-sac and into a stand of trees in Arden, NC. The driver survived but was taken to the hospital with injuries.

The deadly crash occured on Glen Cove Road on November 7, 2011.

Now, a family must cope with the loss of young son. Our thoughts go out to them. It's always difficult to deal with a loss.

It is illegal for drivers under the age of 16 to operate a vehicle in North Carolina. Investigators are talking with the district attorney's office and the family of both boys to determine what consequences the 13-year-old driver will face.

Many kids glamorize driving and will jump at any chance to get behind the wheel. Talk to your kids about the dangers of driving, and about the necessity of being fully trained and licensed before climbing behind the wheel. If we can show our children the consequences of driving too soon, we can help prevent horrific accidents like this one.

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