Fatal Fayetteville, NC Crash Leaves One Dead and Another in Critical Condition | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A fatal car crash in Jenna-Shane Drive in Fayetteville, NC took the life of one mother while the daughter in critical condition.  According to the police, a Dodge pickup was travelling westbound along Strickland Bridge Road at about 7:15 a.m. when the driver drove off the right of the road and clipped a bicycle.  The driver overcorrected and collided head-on with a Chevrolet Impala instead which was driven by Tara Thompson with her 11-year-old daughter Shanice on the passenger’s seat.

Thompson was pronounced dead right at the scene.  While her daughter, Shanice, was pinned inside the vehicle and fire-fighters had to cut the roof of the car to be able to get her out from the vehicle.  She was immediately rushed to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center where she underwent surgery for the serious injuries she sustained.  Meanwhile, the driver of the pickup, and his two other passengers were also taken to the hospital for treatment, although their condition was unknown.  The bicyclist fortunately was not injured.  Police had to close the accident scene for more than three hours. 

According to accident statistics by smartmotorist.com, over 95% of motor vehicle accidents (MVAs, in the USA, or Road Traffic Accidents, RTAs, in Europe) involve some degree of driver behavior.  In this particular accident, the pickup driver tried to avoid the bicycle by overcorrecting, which in turn seemed to have caused the head-on collision with the other vehicle which he did not see. In following proper safety protocol while driving always anticipate oncoming cars, road anomalies and pedestrians.  Even though you may be in a hurry don’t allow the temptation to speed enter into the picture as it is more difficult to stop a vehicle travelling above the speed limit.