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Fatal Head on Collision in Augusta County

What Happened

An accident on an icy bridge in Augusta County, Virginia (VA) has state police searching for the identity of the at-fault driver.

The accident took place on Route 608 when a yellow Saturn collided head-on with a Dodge Durango. Police have initially determined that the Durango lost control after it hit a patch of ice and collided into the Saturn. The driver of the Saturn died on the scene, while his 16-year-old son, adult passenger of the Durango, and its 16-year-old driver were all taken to Augusta Health for injuries.

The Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

This is a very tragic and unfortunate accident. We extend our condolences to the family of the man killed and wish all those injured a quick recovery. It is always distressing to hear of such a young driver involved in an accident of this manner. Until the police release their investigation we won’t know if there are any extenuating circumstances involved in the crash. However, a very likely scenario is the wreck was a result from lack of experience. Many young drivers do not fully understand how dangerous the road can be in inclement weather. Even if they are taking every precaution necessary there is no way to prepare for something like black ice. There are many experienced drivers that may not know what to do if they were to hit a patch of black ice. It is a very terrifying feeling and only allows for a few seconds to regain composure. The first thing to remember is to try and stay calm and don't slam on the brakes. The best thing you can do is nothing at all, let the vehicle slide until you are back on pavement and your vehicle regains traction. Slamming on the brakes or accelerating will only cause your car to slide more violently. If this happens, steer the car in the direction you want the car to go, preferably to the side of the road, an empty field or a fluffy snow bank.

The family of the man driving the Saturn should consider contacting a Virginia (VA) wrongful death lawyer. Even though the at-fault driver is young and inexperienced behind the wheel, a loved one was still lost. Virginia (VA) law allows for recovery of economic loss such as lost wages and loss of earning capacity over the course of the decedent’s life as well as for recovery of non-economic loss, which could be the loss of companionship, comfort, counsel, aid, protection, and pain and suffering. Our firm is experienced and has represented many families in wrongful death claims. It is never easy to lose a loved one but putting yourself in the right hands can make a world of difference and help ease the pain.

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