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Fatal Head-On Collision Near Williamsburg, VA Blamed on Alcohol

The driver of a Cadillac died after getting hit head-on by a suspected drunk driver on Pocahontas Trail in James City County, Virginia (VA). The fatal wrong-way accident occurred at around 7 pm on February 7, 2015.



Police told reporters that the at-fault driver of the GMC pickup truck involved in the deadly wreck was traveling in the wrong direction of the two-lane highway near Williamsburg that is also known as U.S. 60. No details regarding criminal charges for driving while intoxicated were released, but investigators said they believed that alcohol use played a role in causing the pickup driver to head west in the eastbound lane.

Even though drunk driving appears to be declining in both southeast Virginia and across the United States, this fatal head-on and a one-car alcohol-involved crash in Norfolk the same day in which a 17-year-old passenger died prove that impaired drivers remain dangers on the nation's roads and highways.

My Virginia personal injury and wrongful death attorney colleagues and I would like nothing better than to never handle another DWI case. As unlikely as that may seem, I have to believe it is an achievable goal. The one-step solution to preventing each and every drunk driving accident -- to avoiding every DUI-related injury and death -- is to stay out from behind the wheel after having one too many beers, glasses of wine or shots of whiskey. Sadly, too many people continue to make the irresponsible and reckless choice to drive while impaired, with tragic results.


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