A recent two car accident in Raleigh, NC took the life of Teresa Bagley Weintraub, 57.  Weintraub was on her way to work, where she was employed as a nurse for Duke Raleigh Hospital . She was struck head-on by an oncoming car driven by Aleksey Glazunov, 24.  Weintraub was pronounced dead at the scene. 

According to the Raleigh police, Aleksey Glazunov was passing another vehicle on Skycrest Drive whspeeding violationsen he lost control and slammed into Weintraub’s oncoming car. Originally, Raleigh police had filed misdemeanor charges of death by motor vehicle; they have since upgraded the charge to involuntary manslaughter. It is possible that they reconsidered after examining Glazunov’s criminal record laced with speeding violations. After hearing of Glazunov’s release after posting a $2,000 bail, Weintraub’s family was rightfully outraged considering his past history.

It is hard to imagine how often someone is killed in a car crash through no fault of their own. Reality hits hardest when a tragic event such as this happens to someone we know or love. I did not know the victim, but my prayers go out to the Weintraub family and all those that had the good fortune to know her. We should all be grateful for each day we have to share with those we love.