The North Carolina State Highway Patrol reports that a Bradenton, Florida resident, Stephen Schwartz, was killed on I-95 when his car struck a container that fell in front of him after the load fell off the tractor-trailer. The fatal crash happened around 4 p.m. in the southbound lanes at the Pope Road overpass at Exit 72 along the interstate near Dunn, North Carolina.

James Proveaux, 45, of Cordova, S.C., was driving the tractor-trailer, when he approached the overpass. The container was too tall for the bridge and was stripped from the truck. It swayed onto the highway and another tractor-trailer jack-knifed while trying to avoid it. Henry Stephen Schwarz, 66, driving a Dodge Caliber, was behind the second tractor-trailer. He was killed when the container slammed into his car and knocked the car into the second truck, a Highway Patrol spokesman said. James Proveaux was not injured in the incident and has been charged with misdemeanor death by vehicle. Also, 1st Sgt. T.O. Baldwin indicated that Proveaux was cited for carrying an over sized load.

The second truck’s driver, Freddy Green, 41, was treated and released from Betsy Johnson Regional Hospital. The tractor trailer wreck caused major traffic delays on I-95 until the crash scene could be cleaned up. The initial assessment from officials has reported that damage was discovered on the steel supports in the bridge. The overpass was inspected another time by engineers to ensure its safety prior to allowing traffic to cross it again.

Although we did not know Mr. Schwartz, we send our thoughts and prayers to his family and close friends they mourn the loss of life. Did you know that tractor trailers are often running on our highways with either faulty equipment such as brakes and tires and bring immediate danger to all those unsuspecting car drivers that must share the road with these big rigs? Improper loads and  securing of cargo is a frequent concern. Many times big tractor trailer companies can be held accountable in court for the result of their lack of care for the public’s safety.

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