Entering the Downtown Tunnel while driving a car in Norfolk or Portsmouth, Virginia (VA), can be daunting. If nothing else, the noise echoing in the steel tube can rattle anyone already a little on edge from traffic or fear of tunnels. For those who ride motorcycles, unfortunately, the tunnel trip can be devastating.

This was the case for a motorcyclist who crashed and died near the mouth of the Portsmouth entrance of the Downtown Tunnel on August 18, 2011. The young man, Desmond Leroy St. George Constable, was only 28 years old. I know all mothers worry about their children when they ride motorcycles; now, his mother’s worst fears have been realized. The victim’s family may feel like they have no options left at this point. That is not true.

As a Virginia personal injury lawyer I know that they will need to recover from

  • Funeral expenses and burial expenses.
  • Loss of support and other monetary losses.
  • Loss of future income.
  • Loss of medical benefits, retirement benefits and other benefits.
  • Loss of companionship and affection, as well as other emotional damages.

Since the investigation into this motor cycle crash is ongoing and there is no word yet what caused this single-vehicle accident, I would advise his family to hire an experienced Virginia motorcycle accident attorney as quickly as possible. The insurance company will want to blame the accident on the victim and not consider things like debris in the road, road conditions, or even a rock thrown from another vehicle.