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Fatal North Carolina Tractor-Trailer Wreck Kills Virginia Man

A fully loaded tractor-trailer weighs 80,000 pounds, and a typical passenger car weighs 4,000 pounds. That’s 20 times difference in weight.  As Virginia and North Carolina truck accident injury attorneys we know that truck drivers have the responsibility to drive safely and cautiously.   However this was not the case recently when a tractor-trailer driver was driving on N.C. 68, when he failed to reduce speed for traffic slowing down for a NC Department of Transportation work zone.  The tractor-trailer rear-ended a Nissan SUV driven a Virginia man.  The SUV went off the road and hit a DOT worker before coming to a stop.  The driver of the car later died and the DOT worker suffered injuries.

This is not an isolated truck accident case in fact, the State of North Carolina ranked fifth highest in the U.S. in truck-related fatalities during 2013 according to a National Center for Statistics Analysis, Special Truck Fatality Data Run.  Almost twice as many people died in North Carolina as a result of commercial truck crashes as died in Virginia in 2013.  This statistic is surprising in that there is a similar amount of roadway off the interstate highway system in the two states, they share a border, and they also share some of the same major freeways like Interstate 95 (I-95) which cuts through both states going north/south.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), truck collisions accounted for over 138 deaths on North Carolina roads in 2013.  This means that 14 percent of the people killed on North Carolina (NC) highways died in events involving large trucks.  Our truck accident injury lawyers handled a similar wrongful death claim when a tractor trailer clipped the back of a car and killed the driver.


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