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Fatal Rear-Ender in Richmond, VA Neighborhood Blamed on Reckless Speeding

A deadly rear-end collision in a residential Richmond, Virginia (VA), neighborhood is being blamed on reckless speeding. The fatal crash, which sent the car struck from behind by the speeding SUV into a tree and the larger vehicle into a nearby house, occurred close to the intersection of Grove Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue on the afternoon of April 13, 2015. An elementary school about a block from the accident scene was just about to release its students when the crash happened, leading some witnesses to take a small amount of solace in the idea that as tragic as the incident was, large numbers of injuries and potential additional fatalities were averted.



Individuals who saw the rear-end collision unfolding told police that the SUV that hit the car was travelling at between 80 mph and 90 mph. The driver of the SUV survived with serious injuries, while the woman behind the wheel of the car lost her life. It is unclear whether the force of the crash or the fixed-object collision with the tree proved fatal.

Police do not know why the man driving the SUV was going at double or more than the posted speed limit. Whatever reason he provides, he may face criminal charges ranging from reckless driving to causing a death while operating a motor vehicle. Beyond that, he can probably expect to bear civil liability for causing the wreck and taking another person's life. Even if his SUV experienced a mechanical failure or if he had a medical emergency that led him to lose control, evidence that he failed to keep his vehicle in proper repair or proof that he knew he was in poor health would leave him responsible and subject to claims for compensation from the deceased victim family members.


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