Fatigued Truckers Hauling Fireworks May Light Up More Than the Sky

The explosions that light up the sky on the Fourth of July are a testament to our country's independence and Americans' love fof fireworks. However, there may be fireworks in more than just the sky this year if the tractor-trailers and big rigs hauling these explosives aren't careful.  

Truckers hauling fireworks are being exempted from strict limits on the length of their workday. This makes me more than just a little concerned. As a North Carolina trucking injury attorney, I know that fatigue kills. Statistics show that nearly 13 percent of commercial truck accidents occur because of driver fatigued or a drowsy driver.    

There have already been two fatal big rig accidents in North Carolina this week that claimed four lives and there weren't even any explosives involved. The state was also the site of a deadly fireworks accident in 2009 that involved a truck explosion and the death of four people on Ocracoke Island, NC.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a trucking accident our advice is to find an experienced personal injury attorney. Our injury law firm is one such firm that will collect vital evidence such as skid mark information, vehicle damage, tire damage, driving logs, truck data systems, and witness statements to secure your recovery.

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