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Fayetteville, NC Car Wreck Causes Death of Innocent Teenager

A tragic car crash in Fayetteville, North Carolina (NC), is another prime example of why driving while under the influence is so reckless and irresponsible. A teenage driver was traveling down Rosehill Road with a group of friends in her 1995 Nissan. The at-fault driver reportedly lost control of the vehicle causing it to overturn.

The result: one teenage passenger killed, one teen passenger critically injured, and four others in the vehicle suffering injuries. The teenager who died was only 16 years old. The teenager that is critically injured is only 18 years old. The at-fault driver was charged with driving while impaired and with driving without an operator's license, according to ABC Local.

There is a chance more charges will be filed. There are five sentencing levels for DWIs in North Carolina, ranging from Level 1 to Level 5. Level 1 is the most serious while Level 5 is the least serious. How long an at-fault driver may wind up serving in prison is based on numerous factors including prior DWIs, the breathalyzer reading, and the at-fault driver's record. Jail time could be

·         Level 5: 1-60 days
·         Level 4: 2-120 days
·         Level 3: 3 days-6 months
·         Level 2: 7 days-1 year
·         Level 1: 30 days-2 years.  

In addition to criminal charges, the families of the victims should consult with a North Carolina injury lawyer to discuss their legal options through a civil injury or wrongful death claim. Nothing can be done to reverse this terrible car crash, but some semblance of justice can be pursued through the civil system.

When an at-fault driver's behavior is especially egregious, punitive damages can be pursued. Punitive damages are a form of compensation meant to send a signal to other members of the community that the at-fault driver's behavior is reckless and should not be duplicated.  

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