What Happened

Fayetteville Police report that an active duty soldier was a victim of a hit and run accident while he rode his motorcycle on February 19, 2013. Officers responded to the 8400 block of Cliffdale Road and found the victim next to his totaled motorcycle with injuries. The victim was taken to Womack Hospital.

Police have not released any information because they believe this motorcycle hit and run is related to a shooting that involved another motorcyclist at the 4200 block of Bragg Boulevard. Police believe they are related because the shooting happened just prior to the hit and run, and the victim of the hit and run accident told officers that a car was following him before it hit him and drove away.

The North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

Any accident involving a motorcyclist is always serious.  At this point the extent of the motorcyclists injuries are unknown, but the likelihood of a serious injury is very prevalent. Motorcycles offer no protection and leave the rider exposed to any impact. Shortly after recovering from his injuries the soldier should contact an experienced personal injury attorney that is knowledgeable about motorcycle accidents.  Despite the driver facing criminal charges, the victim is still able to file civil charges to recover compensation for his injuries, medical expenses, and lost wages. We are one the best motorcycle accident lawyers in Virginia (VA) and our lawyers have obtained millions of dollars in settlements for our clients. Our thoughts and prayers are with the soldier and the family of the shooting victim.

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