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Fayetteville, NC Motorcyclist Killed by Pickup Turning Left

A 19-year-old Army soldier who had been stationed at Fort Bragg lost his life after getting struck by a pickup truck while riding his motorcycle in heavy traffic through Fayetteville, North Carolina (NC). The fatal crash occurred on the evening of July 6, 2015, near the intersection of Cliffdale Road and 71st School Road.



According to reports, the man behind the wheel of the pickup never saw the motorcyclist when attempting to make a left-hand turn across two lanes of stopped vehicles. The biker was moving up beside a line of cars, which is legal. Other motorists reportedly waved the pickup driver through a gap in front of an entrance to an apartment complex, but he apparently failed to move slowly and cautiously enough to spot and avoid the motorcycle.

Charges are expected even though the turn the pickup driver tried to make was also technically legal. Because he failed to complete his turn in a way that ensured the safety of the biker, he could be cited for failing to yield right of way and/or causing a death while operating a motor vehicle. Both would stem from negligence rather than recklessness or malice.

All left turns put people on the road at risk. Even small miscalculations of the distance between vehicles, the speed of oncoming traffic and the likely approach of bikes and pedestrians set the stage for collisions that leave individuals injured and dead. Sadly, such a lapse of judgment combined with low visibility in Fayetteville to lead to a wreck in which a young man who had just embarked on a military career died. 


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