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VA Personal Injury Attorneys: FDA Issues Warning On Flammable Sunscreens

Best dangerous product injury lawyers in VAThe United States Food and Drug Administration has announced that certain sunscreens pose a significant fire hazard near sources of flame. The warning comes after the FDA was made aware of five separate incidents in which consumers, having applied the sunscreen, subsequently suffered burns after standing near candles or lit cigarettes, the federal agency reports.

The sunscreens in question may contain flammable ingredients such as alcohol. The products which caused the burns were voluntarily recalled from the market after the incidents became known; however, there are still many other types of sunscreens on store shelves that could cause the same types of burns. While the FDA stresses that products labeled “flammable” should never be applied near open flames, the problem with these sunscreens is that they ignited after they were applied to the skin, thereby causing the serious burns that the victims suffered; therefore, the FDA has advised consumers to avoid all open flames or sources of sparks after flammable sunscreen has been applied, even if one believes a sufficient amount of time has passed.

Sunscreen is considered a critical element in protecting beachgoers and those outdoors from harmful sun rays, so the potential for serious injury resulting from its application to the skin is doubly concerning. If you’ve been injured by a product or device that is supposed to keep you safe, you should consider speaking to an injury attorney. The personal injury lawyers at our law firm know how to argue your case if you’ve suffered harm from a dangerous product; we have years of experience arguing against defective or harmful merchandise and know how to represent the victims of such incidents against their manufacturers.

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