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Federal Government Considers New Hours of Services Rules for Truckers

The House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee held a hearing this week to talk about the Transportation Department’s proposed rule to alter the current federal commercial trucking regulations  regarding hours of service. The subcommittee heard speakers from the both sides of the issue, including economists, those in the trucking industry, and traffic safety advocates. 

The proposed new trucking regulations would reduce the maximum on-duty driving window from 14 hours to 13 hours and reduce the daily driving limit from 11 hours to ten hours. In addition it would require a 30-minute break after seven consecutive hours of driving. 

Many in the commercial trucking industry stressed that the proposed new hours of operation regulations would result in a huge blow both to trucking companies and to other retailers who can’t get products as fast as they are needed. An economic analyst added that the new rules could cost $1 billion per year. 

However others, including the Transportation Department’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, questioned what the cost of a human life is. They believe the new rules would significantly reduce the number of fatigued and distracted truck drivers on the roads and therefore reduce the number of tractor-trailer accidents, truck accident injuries, and fatalities caused by big rigs. 

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