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Norfolk, VA Personal Injury Attorney Reports: Fire Engine Hits Vehicle in Virginia Beach, Injuries Suffered

When a car is hit by a large truck, the damage to the smaller vehicle is usually extensive and the driver, along with any passengers, are at a higher risk of suffering serious injury. Unfortunately, an accident at the Virginia Beach, VA, Oceanfront involving a fire truck and a car provides a prime example of this.

The fire truck slammed into a vehicle at the corner of 19th Street and Pacific Avenue in Virginia Beach. Reports indicate that four civilians were taken to the hospital with one civilian suffering serious injuries. At the time, police noted, the the fire truck was responding to a transformer fire that was occurring at 27th Street and Baltic Avenue. Other details, such as whether the fire truck was sounding its siren and/or flashing its lights were not released.

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If it turns out the fire truck driver was negligent, the victims should consult with a Virginia Beach injury lawyer to discuss their legal options.

A personal injury claim would probably need to be filed against the city due to the doctrine of respondeat superior. This doctrine holds an employer liable for the actions of an employee when the employee is negligent in the course of performing actions related to his or her employment. However, the city is usually exempt from being sued because of sovereign immunity. Luckily, the uninsured motorist law in VA allows recovery in cases where the at fault party is immune. 

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