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Fire on Yacht Reveals Dangers of Boating

The U.S. Coast Guard rescued two boaters after their 65-foot yacht caught fire near Englehard in Hyde County, North Carolina (NC). According to the Virginian-Pilot, the fire began in the engine room, though authorities are still investigating the cause. A rescue helicopter and a 25-foot boat were sent to the scene. To conduct the rescue, a swimmer was lowered onto the yacht from the helicopter. The boaters were helped onto another boat that had stopped to help. They were then taken onto the Coast Guard rescue boat and taken to shore. The fire was extinguished by the local fire department, and towed away.

With the summer holidays coming to a close, many people are savoring the last days of the season out on the water. It's easy to forget how dangerous watercraft can be when there's fish to be caught and fun to be had. Thankfully, these two boaters were able to contact the Coast Guard and were rescued before the fire got out of hand. Still, fire is always scary, especially when you're out to sea.

It will be particularly interesting to learn in the accident report how and why the fire got started in the first place. The engine room of any boat, yacht or ship can be a dangerous place, so it's not surprising that the fire broke out there. As a personal injury attorney, I know all too well how quickly accidents can happen on even the nicest of personal yachts. To learn more about Virginia boat accidents and what laws may apply, check out this article.


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