Firm Attorneys Featured as Authors for Prominent Health and Safety Article | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

My colleagues, Rick Shapiro and Patrick Austin, were featured authors on Legal Examiner, a prominent health and safety web site. Rick and Patrick created a top-10 list of civil justice stories that occurred in 2013. The list includes stories on the $2.5 billion settlement agreed to by Johnson & Johnson over the DePuy hip replacement device, the serious risks associated with E-cigarettes, and BP’s hypocritical dispute over the $20 billion settlement for victims of the Gulf Coast oil disaster.

Our firm is proud to be affiliated with Legal Examiner. The “HS” in HSinjurylaw stands for Health and Safety. We believe that education and awareness are critical in reducing the number of automobile, trucking and motorcycle accidents that occur each year in the United States.  

Here’s a link to the articles: