Learn why you need to read our special report about injuries to minors, children or teenagers…

We answer important questions like:

  • Will our case go all the way to court?
  • What financial compensation can be recovered for a permanent injury, scar, or catastrophic injury?
  • Can the money recovered be used for medical bills or expenses, and when?
  • Who controls the interest earned before the injured child or teen turns 18?
  • Is it true that insurance will cover a negligence claim against one of a minor’s own parents or other family members?

It’s something no parent likes to think about, but you should be prepared for – their child or teenager suffering a serious injury, or the worst scenario of all–loss of life or death. Unfortunately, keeping our kids safe is one of a parents most important roles, but we are not prepared for this awful scenario.  You should never make rash decisions like signing documents presented by the insurance company adjuster without investigating the full extent of a minor’s injuries, and without the advice of an experienced injury attornrey.  Never accept fault without fully understanding what caused the accident-because a parent’s own fault does not mean a minor is not entitled to recover.  Do not fall into this trap. Get informed by reading our free consumer report (link below).

Young children can be hurt almost anywhere including in a car wreck, house fire, playing with fireworks or an aggressive animal, defective toys, falls at a playground or on a jungle gym, swimming pool-related accidents, and the list goes on. When you add in teenagers, the injuries also include pools, ATV’s/go carts, air and paint ball guns and many other activities.

Our firm wrote this free consumer report about child injuries and what you, as the parent or guardian, should and should not do to pursue compensation on behalf of your child in a personal injury claim.

We also discuss how you, the parent or guardian, can make or break a settlement agreement, the likelihood you or your child will need to testify in court, and why hiring the right injury lawyer is critical to ensure you and your child receive maximum compensation.

To learn more, download our free consumer report:

Child Injuries in Virginia and North Carolina: What You Must Know About Claims on Behalf of An Injured Minor/Child