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Five Hurt in North Carolina Car Wreck

Five people were sent to the hospital on July 4 after a three car wreck on North Carolina Highway 55, which is in Sampson County.

Emergency responders said that one car was going east on Highway 55 and crossed the center line, then struck two vehicles.

Several of the victims were seriously injured.

Our personal injury law team hopes that everyone involved in this crash recovers soon.

In many of our car accident cases, inattention to driving conditions often leads to serious accidents. Texting while driving, playing with the radio, falling asleep or eating can lead to inattention that may be deadly in some cases. Some of our attorneys have seen drivers in Virginia and North Carolina sail through a red light because they were texting on their phones. Only because there was no one coming the other direction was no one hurt.


Driver distraction plays a major role in many crashes: Eight out of 10 car accidents in North America are caused by distractions.


We ask that all drivers be sure to be paying careful attention to their driving, to avoid serious accidents. Otherwise, you could end up on the other side of a personal injury lawsuit that has you paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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