Five Year-Old Dies Playing on Train Tracks in Utah

A five year-old boy died after he was struck by a freight train near Spanish Fork, Utah (UT). The child was playing on the tracks with two other children when the train hit him at 40 MPH.

The boy was taken to a nearby hospital but he died a few hours later. The train driver saw the children on the tracks and applied the emergency brakes but it could not stop in time.

Whatever state it is in, there are far too many accidents occurring along railroad tracks in America. We have seen many fatal accidents involving trains and pedestrians in Virginia as train accident injury attorneys, and wish to see no more.

The Federal Railroad Administration tells us that there were 9232 train accidents in 2008 with 637 deaths. A good number of those fatalities involved pedestrians along train tracks.

All drivers and pedestrians should remember that trains do not run on set schedules if they are carrying freight. So it is never ‘safe’ to cross a track or walk on a track due to the time of day. And of course, walking or playing on train tracks is extremely dangerous and illegal. It also is very foolish to assume that you can hear a train coming. Modern trains are much quieter than 50 years ago.

We hope this terrible tragedy will remind all drivers, pedestrians and parents to ensure their own safety and that of their children. Use extreme caution around railroad tracks in a car, and NEVER walk or stand on or near them.  

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