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Flatbed Truck Rear-Ends Car in Suffolk, VA, Causing Injuries

A woman suffered serious injuries after her car got rear-ended by a flatbed trailer truck in Suffolk, Virginia (VA). The rear-end collision near the intersection of U.S. 58/Holland Road and Kenyon Road occurred on the afternoon of July 21, 2015. The impact pushed the car off the road and into a ditch, where it rolled over. Emergency responders had to cut the woman out of her vehicle, but she is expected to survive.




Police could not immediately determine why the rear-end collision happened. Investigators will need to look into whether the woman driving the car had slowed or stopped for a traffic light, if the tractor-trailer driver was following too closely or speeding, and whether the commercial truck operator became distracted in the moments before the wreck. Drug and alcohol testing also routinely takes place following a commercial truck crash.

Braking a big rig is always difficult, and truckers must give themselves ample time and space to reduce their speed. Stomping on the brakes when a green light suddenly turns yellow or traffic backs up unexpectedly simply does not work for avoiding a crash in a big rig. Consequently, semi drivers must remain alert and responsive at all times. That is a high standard for professionalism and safety, but truck drivers must meet it. When they fail to do so, other people on the road too often suffer disabling injuries or lose their lives.


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