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Fleeing Drunk Driver Injures State Trooper in Chesapeake, VA

A police pursuit that began on I-464 just after midnight on January 8, 2015, ended on S. Military Highway in Chesapeake, Virginia (VA), when the fleeing driver lost control of his vehicle, crossed several lanes of traffic and crashed into a trooper's cruiser. The collision occurred near the intersection with Georgetown Boulevard, more than a mile off the interstate.



Upon being apprehended, the at-fault driver was found to be drunk. After initially getting flagged by law enforcement officials for speeding nearly 20 mph over the speed limit on I-464, the driver who struck the state trooper now also faces charges for DWI and eluding police. The injured trooper required hospital treatment but is expected to recover.

Many people may well have reasons to be glad the results of the chase and wreck were not worse. Drunk drivers caused 253 fatalities in Virginia during 2013, according to the state Department of Motor Vehicles. Alcohol-impaired drivers also caused nearly 5,300 accident-related injuries in the Commonwealth that year. Adding degrees of risk, the man responsible for the crash in Chesapeake was running from a traffic stop, speeding recklessly and not controlling his car. Each of those negligent and irresponsible actions can, by themselves, set the stage for a deadly collision.

My Virginia Beach-based personal injury law firm colleagues and I see every day how one driver's disregard for the safety and health of other people on the road results in avoidable accidents and costly, life-altering injuries. Learning of an incident that combines so many of the errors a person can make behind the wheel is a little alarming. We hope the injured trooper recovers quickly and fully.


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