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Florida Judge Convicted of Reckless and Drunk Driving

Certain professions are held to a higher standard when it comes to breaking the law, those can include teachers, police officers and judges.  So it’s disturbing to learn that a Florida judge has been found guilty of drunk driving and reckless driving.  However her sentence seemed relatively light compared to the crime and she only received a sentence of 20 days house arrest, an outcome her attorney deemed harsh.  Drunk driving is a huge issue in Virginia (VA), and far too many residents are harmed or killed due to the poor decisions of drunk drivers. At Shapiro & Appleton& Duffan, we sue drunk drivers – both to get justice for the victims and to make sure that these drivers are held responsible for their actions.

So let’s take a closer look at what exactly a high blood alcohol level can do to your driving ability.  First there is confusion. Those drinking and driving will have difficulty staying alert, more trouble recognizing problems, difficulty reasoning, and more trouble with their memory. This can be especially dangerous at night or when a driver is on an unfamiliar road. 

Then there are slowed reflexes.  A person who is legally unable to drive due to intoxication has more trouble responding quickly to an emergency, steering away from an obstacle, detecting danger, doing two tasks at once, or coordinating muscle movements. Next there is impaired perception. Even one or two drinks can cause those consuming alcohol to have difficulty tracking movements, seeing objects at night, focusing on the road, hearing approaching trouble, or remembering the turns in the road. 

Impaired judgment is another effect of alcohol because it doesn’t just affect how your body works or how well you are physically able to drive, it also affects your thinking. A certain amount of alcohol can make users more likely to speed, drive recklessly, or to make other poor decisions while driving.  Finally there is loss of consciousness.  At a certain point, the body can no longer function properly due to alcohol in the blood. When alcohol consumption reaches this point, a person will black out, pass out, and lose consciousness. If the person is behind the wheel of a car, an accident is inevitable.


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